Bill Benham

Carl Flesch, along with all the great players and teachers of the past, advocated resting the violin on the collarbone, sometimes with a small pad. Heifetz and Kreisler, who had short necks had normal chin rests with pads sewn into their jackets for support underneath.

In addition to 360 degrees rotation and tilting in 2 planes, the chin rest can be adjusted as high as you require ​taking pressure, pain and stress out of playing by adapting the instrument to the player.

Developed after many years of research by an ex-LSO player, and qualified Alexander Technique teacher, the Ergonomic Chin Rest has the following advantages:

•Fully Adjustable. Customise the chin rest to fit you. The chin rest allows frequent micro-adjustments as a player's posture changes. It's not only ideal for the young player but also for the mature players who are trying to improve their posture or habits.

​•Extendability. The chin rest has two measurements to cater for arm length.​

•Detachability.  The chin rest is easily detachable so that the instrument can be fitted into a case quickly. This makes life easier for those with only a  fifteen-minute coffee break!

•Greater Comfort. The chin rest's adjustability supports you in finding your best playing position.

•Pads. With the Ergonomic Chin Rest it is easy to attach velcro pads to the under-side of the carrier unit.

•Lifetime guarantee.

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